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CBF Systems brings together a seasoned team of product inception and development experts. We help evolve ideas into practical solutions using a well equipped toolbox of multidisciplinary skills. Constantly engaged with evolving and emerging technologies, paired with our eclectic background, provides a mature and well balanced perspective on how to successfully bring a product to market.

Our capabilities include expertise across:

  • Analogue, digital and power electronics design
  • Real-time embedded computing
  • Smart sensor packages and precision sensor characterization
  • Electro-mechanical devices and pure fluid & gas handling systems
  • Non-traditional data communication schemes
  • Serial, USB and ethernet enabled equipment
  • Devices incorporating optics, lasers, high voltage and vacuum technologies
  • Formal quality systems setup and routine practice

We maintain ties with custom fabricators and contract manufacturing facilities as well as test & certification agencies. This enables us to shepherd large projects while still focusing on the fine details.