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Our team can engage a project anywhere from early brainstorming, through the full spectrum of system architectural to detailed design and can go further by supporting product roll out.

A sampling of some of the services we provide includes:

  • Product conception, technology assessment, process development and prototyping
  • Technical project planning and commissioning
  • A diverse range of technical and engineering support
  • Creation and maintenance of product regulatory and certification applications
  • Prepare patent applications to protect IP
  • Establish product manufacturing and quality processes
  • Liase with production facilities to transfer design and pilot manufacturing

Our workshop is equipped with an assortment of tools and equipment. Examples include:

  • Test gear - precision DMM's, digital & mixed signal oscilloscopes, waveform generators, component testers, spectrum & logic analyzers
  • Bench equipment - handheld DMM's, power supplies, hand tools, ESD mats & clothing, cleaning tools
  • Assembly equipment - MCU programmers, SMT soldering and rework stations, paste dispensers, terminal crimping tools
  • Inspection tools - hi-pot & leakage, inspection microscopes, a selection of micrometers & height gauges, gauge blocks, weigh scales
  • Probes and sensors - high voltage, AC/DC current and isolated oscilloscope probes, spirometers & flowmeters, AC/DC gaussmeters, platinum RTD
  • Miscellaneous - sound meter, optical power meter, drill/mill & tooling, hydro-test set, computerized embroidery & industrial sewing machines

We also maintain a suite of design and development software including:

  • Altium Designer (and legacy Protel 99SE)
  • SolidWorks Premium and Simulation Pro
  • NI LabView Developer Suite
  • MatLab
  • Code development tools for Freescale, Microchip and other MCU/CPU's

Download our company datasheet in PDF format.